One of the design trends that we have seen over the past several years is moving your TV out of the cabinet and mounting it right above the fireplace. There are some considerations during the design to maximize your viewing experience and maintain sensitive electronics at the same time.

Heat and Smoke

All fireplaces create heat and wood burning fireplaces create smoke. Both of which don’t translate well for your TV. Your television has sensitive electronics, circuit boards, and wiring that operates optimally within specifications.

Heat from your fireplace will travel up – right to your TV and could potentially overheat your television. In addition, the flue itself will heat up and potentially overheat the television mounted in-front of it. Knowing where your flue is in relation to your television is very important.

Wood burning fireplaces creates smoke and particulate matter. This can enter the heat ventilation of your television leaving an insulating layer that may cause your television to overheat.

Your Neck

Televisions are designed at an optimal viewing angle. When they are mounted higher, many have complained of degradated clarity and stiff necks over time. When you go to the movie theater, many people don’t like to sit in the first several rows just for that issue.

Quimby Fireplace
Quimby Fireplace

Viewing Angle

Going back to the viewing angle, televisions are designed to be viewed head on. You can test your TV by moving to the right or left, up or down to see the impact to the picture quality those angles make. You will notice differences between LCD, OLED, and LED displays.

Viewing Tips

Here are some tips if you want to move ahead and put your TV above your fireplace:

  • Use a tilting or motorized wall mount – this will change your TV angle and help you achieve a better picture quality.
  • Consider an OLED TV – OLED TVs have the best picture quality at any angle.
  • Sit back – the farther you sit, the less of an angle and stress on your neck.


Give us a call. We work with the areas top Audio / Video design firms and we can create the design and install of your TV.

James Frank Construction is an award-winning third generation family-owned company since 1955. We strive to make your project come together with unmatched craftsmanship and quality. We treat each project as our own and see no finish line. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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