James V. Frank held many titles in his 94 years of life: Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Friend, Political Radical, Rebel, Entrepreneur, and many more. Jim, or Big Jim, as he is known to most, could be characterized as driven and built success on decades of unparalleled hard work. Jim’s motivation however wasn’t success in the generic understanding, but it was measured in the health and well-being of his family up until his dying day.

Jim was born in the now, Czech Republic on January 3, 1930, to Yana and Frantisek Frank. Jim was the second-born child and only son. He grew up in the village of Zahradka, living on 12 acres of farmland where he undoubtedly began building his unbreakably strong work ethic. On June 12, 1948, Jim left his home and his family to escape communism. When Jim left, he carried his love for his mother, father, and sisters, and was motivated by his hope of building a life outside of the political control that overtook his home village. 

After arriving in the United States, Jim took every opportunity, to provide for his growing family. Jim apprenticed under a mentor and built upon the carpentry skills he learned back home. He found success as an entrepreneur, building a business making cabinets which he continued tirelessly, to grow into a thriving construction company. Jim’s devotion and passion for woodworking was evident in his creations. Jim often spoke of his love for building and the artistry of creating quality furniture. All who knew Jim knew he was not shy in sharing his opinion on work he found less than quality and he would carefully explain to those willing to listen, how to improve in the future.

In 2007,  Jim was widowed after 59 years of marriage. Jim deeply mourned the loss of his beloved wife, Marta. He was devoted to ensuring her memory would live on and he would share his stories and memories of their love with all. Jim continued working until his retirement in 1998. In continuing his construction legacy, his son, Paul, and grandson, Thomas, continue to run Jim’s construction company to this day.

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